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Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Books

Yesterday the weatherman was calling for snow, and LOTS of it, so I zipped out to pick up the books I'd ordered.  If you can't tell by the book, and the dog quilt it's resting on...we kinda like dogs.  
I've wanted to do a pet portrait of my dog for several years, but haven't been able to find a class for it.  Dottie is half black lab and half beagle and has unusual markings that  evoke compliments and inquiries from passersby.  I want to capture those markings in a quilt.

The other book is not dog- or quilt-related.  I heard about it on the radio, and thought I should get educated on Twitter and other media.  I'm not a natural when it comes to technology, but this book is supposed to be helpful in getting one's message out - whatever that message may be.
I was prepared to hunker down with my books.  I dared Mother Nature to do her worst.  Hoping for a snow day, I snapped this picture before bed.  When my trusty alarm clock went off at 5:30 AM, I opened my eyes, thought, "SNOW DAY!!!!",  threw off the covers and rushed to the window....only to see the same green grass I saw the night before.  Curses!  Foiled again!
I wasn't entirely dissappointed though.  It began to snow as I was getting ready for work.   In fact, I was almost late because Dottie loves snow and didn't want to come inside.  It snowed all day, and it's still coming down.  This weekend I hope to hibernate with my books.  Now that Old Man Winter woke up from his nap, I don't think the snow will be going anywhere for a loooong time now.  :)

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Zoey said...

Hi Chris,
That dog books looks like a fun one, though difficult! I am very good at applique.

We got snow last night. It is still too dark to see just how much, but I am expecting a slippery drive to work.