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Sunday, January 29, 2012

1000 Words Art Quilt Show

In honor of the play 1000 Words, the Madison (WI) quilt guild put together this collection of mini quilts - each depicting an image that would (presumably) take one thousand words to convey.   Pictured here are the quilts that "spoke" to me, though there were more to be seen.  I was able to get the title and credits in every picture, so if you click on it you can see for yourself who made it and what they called it.
I love the girl blowing a great big bubble gum bubble!
This one appealed to my immigrant roots.  I am the third generation to be born in this country, but my great grandparents' journeys have been told to me over and over.  This reminds me of my own family history.

I love the inner and outer borders!
Part of the story 1000 Words takes place during the Great Dust Bowl in Kansas. 
What a powerful depiction.

Here's an original idea!
Very bright and colorful!
These words are near and dear to any quilter's heart.
Hey!  THAT'S not a quilt! 

We were at the Madison Overture Center for two reasons, to see a performance by the Blue Man Group and to check out the quilt display.  The performers came out to the lobby and posed for pictures (for free, I might add) with assorted fans.  I couldn't resist throwing this picture in for fun.  :)

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Judee said...

That must have been a wonderful show. Thanks for sharing!