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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Let the FMQ Begin!

Practice Sandwich 1 - I learned not to get too close to the borders because you'll lose your grip/control of the sandwich.
No. 2 - I'm much better at following a pre-drawn line than quilting freehand.  Purple ink shows areas I missed.
No. 3 - Not too bad.  Individual leaves are more symmetrical.  Again, I traced a line drawn with dissappearing ink.
No. 4 - Tried working on a smaller scale, in a defined shape.  Needs work!
No. 5 - I kinda like this one.  May expand it to make a symmetrical square shape.  Had fun varying the thread color.
Doodles - When you run out of quilt sandwiches, paper and pen can help commit the motion to memory.  On the left I added curliques to help me move from one place to another.  On the right I did it the way we're "supposed" to per the tutorial. :)

1 comment:

Amy said...

Good job on your leaves! I haven't started stitching mine yet. For some reason, the leaves feel awkward to me. I've been drawing on my dry erase board. I think I just need to get brave and put the needle to the fabric.