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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Double Irish Chain Taking Shape

My Double Irish Chain is starting to look like something now.  Only a few complex blocks left to assemble. 

Now I'm thinking the "simple" blocks - they may not be so simple.  I want to position a shamrock in the center of each.  Shall I applique the shamrocks onto a larger piece of fabric first, then fussy cut the 3 1/2" center square?  In the past I've done my applique on completed squares, but they were considerably larger.  Next question: hand applique or machine?  I'm better at doing it by hand, but want to improve my machine applique skills.  If I do it by machine, shall I use a raw edge with zig-zag finish or turned edge with top stitch or outline stitch?  Last idea - collaborate with a friend who has just discovered machine embroidery and see if she'd embroider some shamrocks for me? 

There is much to consider as I finish my last 4 chain blocks.  :)

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Susan said...

I think an appliquéd shamrock in each blank block is a great idea. It would be easier to make sure you have the right size square if you applique on a block that's an inch larger when you start. Hand or machine, whichever you like more. When I machine applique, I use a blanket stitch, but not everyone likes that. It depends on your use for this, and how often you think you might have to wash it. An alternative would be to hand quilt shamrocks in those alternating squares, either white or green thread. The machine embroidered ones would also work well.

LOL, it all depends on what you like.