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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Horicon Marsh, Jan. 2012

The quest to see a snowy owl continues, and so we visited Horicon Marsh, near Horicon, WI.  Not only does the marsh serve as a national wildlife refuge, it's the largest marsh refuge in the country.  It's well known for its astounding water fowl population during fall migration, but there is much, much more to the marsh.  I hope to visit it in various seasons and report back later in the year. 

Much to my surprise and delight,
displayed at the main visitor center we saw Flying Geese:
I was torn between doing some stitching today - and spending time outside enjoying this mild winter and the avian visitors Wisconsin will host for a few short months.  So the quilt made me feel at home!  There was also a fiber art display - this one depicting an underwater scene:
The main visitor center has classrooms and an auditorium. 
In that area we saw this fascinating display:

I've seen deer in the wild, or stuffed and mounted on a wall, but never quite like this!  The story of how they were found with horns locked is quite amazing.

Sadly, after several hours of hiking in 26 degree weather with a strong, cold wind, we saw precious little wild life.  Even where there was open water, we saw a single chick-a-dee and nothing else.  No water fowl, and certainly no snowy owls to hunt fish or small ducks. 

Here is my only snowy owl siting to date:
He was spotted at the gift shop, and will look quite lovely on my Christmas tree next year.  If I haven't spotted a snowy owl by then, he'll remind me to keep my eyes peeled for a siting next winter.  :)

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