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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Amish Style Jeans Quilt

Patterned after an Amish quilt on display at the Smithsonian Institute - though I doubt this one will ever be as famous.

This quilt is made from recycled blue, black and turquoise jeans, some checkered pants, and red fabric I found at a second hand shop for about $1.00.

I've taken an interest in jeans quilts and quilts from other recycled fabrics. I'm tired of buying things at the store, finding they were made in China and that they fall apart the first time I wash them. My quilts are designed to please the eye, keep you warm and to last a long, long time.

Dog Quilt

My son designed this quilt for his graduation gift. Needless to say, he's a dog lover.

We selected black, tan and white stripes to match the markings on our dog - a black lab/beagle mix.

The back of this quilt is tan fleece. This adds weight and warmth to the quilt.

Sun and Wind Quilt

This was designed for a recycled art contest. (No, I didn't win).

The top, batting, and backing are made from recycled clothing and bedding. This quilt is 90% recycled materials. Only the thread was new - LOL!

The black background represents a solar panel. The red-orange-yellow sunburst signifies solar energy and the triangle blocks represent the three blades of modern day wind mills. When I master free motion quilting, I will embellish this quilt further, to better portray the swirling powerful center of our universe.

Log Cabin Quilt

The winter of 2006-2007 brought record snow falls and cabin fever. I dug out the Log Cabin quilt I had started 20+ years ago and resumed hand piecing it. By the time I finished it in the spring, I knew I would not want to hand quilt it as well. Someday I want to requilt this in better colors, with feathering in the light portion. If only I'd taken my quilting classes sooner....

Bright Summer Throw

After a 23 year hiatus from quilting, I took my first ever quilting class. Found out all the stuff I'd been doing wrong - LOL. This quilt is the result of that class.

Eight Pointed Star

Made this quilt as a wedding gift. The bride chose the fabrics, I designed the pattern. Had NO idea how much work would be involved. It wasn't finished in time for the wedding, but here it is on their king-sized bed. Can't believe I quilted this on a little sewing machine, with no walking foot.


I made two identical pinwheel quilts for two nieces who shared a bedroom.

Owl Quilt

This quilt was made for my young nephew who loved owls. Each owl had button eyes.