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Monday, January 9, 2012

Challenges for 2012

I'm not big on New Year's resolutions, but the thought of a challenge intrigues me. Maybe its semantics, but the word challenge seems kinder, gentler, and willing to allow for a deviation (or two) along the way.  Since we often have competing priorities for how we spend our time, that flexibility appeals to my practical side.

 2012 FMQ Challenge Badge copy

I've been wanting to improve my FMQ skills, and the chance to win a prize each month just for practicing seemed too good to pass up. Maybe you'll join me in Sew Cal Gal's challenge?

My current project involves 1" squares.  Believe it or not, I'm really enjoying it.  I've toyed with the idea of doing a postage stamp quilt, and wouldn't you know, there's a challenge for that too!

The Curious Quilter hosts the Postage Stamp Quilt 2012 Charm Swap & Challenge

I've done a little research on postage stamp quilts, and there are several definitions.  Some say EVERY square must be unique - which clearly ain't  gonna happen by my hand.  Squares can be as small as 1", but no bigger than 2.5" in size.  Some quilts show layouts such as Trip Around the World or sections devoted to one color.  I saw one at the WI Quilt Expo in 2010 that blew my mind.  It was done like a mosaic, and was based on a counted cross stitch pattern, and showed two children walking, closely followed by a guardian angel.  The angel's wings were about 8' high.  It looked so real it gave me chills!

But I digress....It would probably help if I settled on one design...but there are so very many options.  I hope to generate some designs in EQ6 - assuming it can handle 1" squares!
Its a new year, and there are new skills to be acquired.  Feel free to join the fun!  :)

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