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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wisconsin Public Television's Quilt Expo 2011

Welcome to the Expo! 

I tried to capture all the quilts that "spoke" to me, though there were many more I would have photographed - had there not been people in the way.  Its kind of a shame that they can't ALL win, isn't it? 

The following quilts are nature themed.  I wasn't able to photograph all the titles, so forgive me if I misnamed your quilt.  Feel free to contact me and I'll gladly correct it. :)
 I called this one Autumn Birch.  This one has inspired me to change up the quilt I'm currently working on - to encorporate brighter, bolder autumn colors.
I didn't catch the name of this one.  It is one of two depicting a child in a tree with wildlife - including some playful fairies.  Its also one of several portraying the various antics of squirrels - something I greatly enjoy!
These flowers on a fence against a night sky is stunning.  You can almost smell the flowers' scent on a soft night breeze.  It looks as if a storm may be brewing.
Oh, how I love fushia plants and hummingbirds.  Admiring this quilt in the middle of winter would certainly warm me up!  I love the rich, verdant colors.
If I remember right, this quilt depicts the quilter's granddaughter.  I like how the inner border doesn't detract from the picture - giving the feel of a frame, without the weightiness.  And look at all the creatures in and around the tree - captivating!
Isn't this quilt incredible?  The judges thought so.  Phenomenal work!
I think this was called Let's All Spring Forward.  Aren't these little fellas bright and cheery? 

Had hoped to share more pics, but my computer is protesting - so I'll have to post more soon.  :)

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