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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Audacious Autumn Top Complete

Despite my original misgivings, this quilt is growing on me.  I still regret the lack of brilliant golds and oranges I associate with autumn.  I decided that if it's called "audacious" I had to do something to jazz it up.  The binding in the kit was olive drab...neutral...far from audacious!  So I went in search of an appropriate backing and more suitable binding.
Now THAT purple is truly audacious - don't you think?  My next puzzle to solve is my desire to incorporate an image of scarlet Burning Bush leaves, or some beautiful Red Sumac, or the many many maple leaves that fall in my neighborhood.  I had considered applique, but decided against it.  Instead, I'm going to let Mother Nature provide my quilting are some I'm considering.
This cutting is about a foot in length and could be positioned over multiple blocks. 
Smaller leaves could be depicted blowing on the wind, with lots of swoops and swirls.  I'll have time to look for more "templates" since the quilt is not yet sandwiched.  Am looking forward to working with fusible batting for the first time.  Tried it in a class, and I think I may be hooked!  :)

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