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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The F Word

The F word has been bandied about quite a bit lately.  No, not that F word - the other one that rhymes with "ball" or the other (even more terrible) F word that rhymes with "crossed."  I was just coming to the realization that yes, Fall is just about here.  Knowing how one thing leads to another...eventually we face the word that strikes fear and trepidation into the hearts of farmers and gardeners - frost. 
This called for serious defensive measures.  I worked WAY too hard on my garden all summer to let an early frost cheat me of my harvest.
 Here DS2 is trying to persuade me not to take his picture.
Here he is closing it up from the inside. 
I thought we had left a way for him to get out, then realized not!
Here is the final product.  We may have frost tonight and tomorrow night.  Let me tell you, those plants are gonna stay right where they are for two days.  Since DS2 was stuck inside and the wind was blowing, I just left him in there in case the wind blew the tarps off in the night.  NO, no, not really.  Though it was tremendously tempting...He is safe and sound in the nice warm toasty house.  He grumbled about helping, but I think he actually enjoyed it.  :)

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