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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Driftless Market

Visited the Driftless Market ( in Platteville, WI. 

I worked with one of the proprietors until she retired from her day job and went on to spend more time doing what she loves....running the Driftless Market with her partner.

They offer a little bit of everything - food, coffee, even local art.

I was particularly interested in their Gluten Free products.  Unlike a grocery chain, the shop owners decide for themselves what products to stock, based on customer request and repeat purchases.  It was so helpful to learn which products had the most repeat customers.  I had decided ahead of time to only purchase products that I haven't seen in other stores - and I DID find some interesting goodies:
GF Angel Food Cake Mix - something I've never seen before, anywhere.  And Garbanzo Bean & Fava Flour.  Strangely enough, I looked at a recipe the night before that called for garbanzo bean flour - and I thought where am I gonna find that??
The last item I bought was Cocoa Cayenne Cupcake mix.  Those babies will knock your socks off.  You don't taste the cayenne until you've swallowed your last bite and  the cool, creamy frosting is all gone.  THEN you feel the burning in your mouth.  You'll definitely be reaching for something cold to drink.  One word of caution:  DO NOT INHALE as you are pouring the dry mix into the mixing bowl or you'll get a snootful of cayenne pepper.  (Yes, I AM speaking from experience.)

I expect to visit Platteville a number of times this school year, so we will return to the Driftless Market to see what other GF goodies I can find.  :)

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