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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Audacious Autumn Blocks Complete

I'm pretty excited that Blocks 13 & 21 contain some long-awaited orange!  If you look at the photo on the design wall, it contains much more orange than this kit does.  I'll be rearranging some blocks for better color distribution.  Still want to applique some autumn leaves, but I don't know how machine applique.  Might have to find a good tutorial because maple leaves have points and oak leaves have tight curves.  Could be tricky!  Gonna have to think about this a little longer.... :)

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Moira said...

Love how the quilt is looking! Machine applique is easy (alright I've had lots of practise....). One thing I would suggest, if you decide to use a satin stitch to do it is to use some stitch n'tear underneath. It will help to prevent puckering. =)