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Friday, September 9, 2011

Recycled Rubber Duckies, Quilts, Horse Shoes & More

A funny thing happened on the way to the WPT Quilt Expo.
I saw this unusual car.  It has at least one brother or cousin.   In 2008, I entered a quilt in an Earth Day art contest.  A car similar to this one took first place.  However that one was covered this doo-dads from bumper to bumper!  Whole sections of the care were covered in pennies.  They also had Lion King and Flintstones characters, which I recognized from McDonald's Happy Meals.   
This was my entry - Sun & Wind Quilt. The item had to be constructed using recycled materials, and had to have a "green" theme.  The black background represents solar panels, the triangle blocks represent wind power, and the colors - red, orange and yellow represent the sun.  I used dryer sheets (used) as my foundation, used fabric recycled from clothing and bedding, and few scraps from my stash.  The batting is an old Thomas the Train blanket.  The backing is a bed sheet.  (FYI - if your son works at McDonalds do not cut up his black pants - even if his brother ruined them with bleach.  McDonald's will want those pants back when your son leaves their employment.  Ooops!)

This quilt isn't complete.  I need to finish quilting it.  I stitched in the ditch, but had not yet learned FMQ.  Since then I've been trying to master doing FMQ flames.  Without the flames, I don't think it has as much visual impact. 

So WHAT does this have to do with the quilt expo?  Well, I have contacted the organizers several years in a row, suggesting a category for recycled quilts.  It looks like next year there may be a category for my Sun & Wind quilt.  So I must, must, must get going on quilting flames! 
One interesting lecture I heard at the expo was by Cheryl Weiderspahn. What an entertaining speaker - and what ingenuity! She shows you how to make all sorts of things - many of them bags or totes - from everyday objects such as throw rugs, place mats, hot pads - even shower mats, wooden spoons and horse shoes (worn by a race horse, no less). 

She autographed my book, and gave me this advice: If you're ever feeling down, sit down with a glass of wine and read page 51.  It will give you a lift, and its a true story.  I have not yet heeded this advice, but expect to do so very soon.  :)

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