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Friday, September 30, 2011

Quilt Expo 2011 - Part 2

In honor of the University of Wisconsin vs. the University of Nebraska - I'm featuring quilts with a UW theme or quilts made in red, black and white only.
Isn't this feathered star stunning?  Oh, to have the skill and patience to make all those triangles!  Here's the back side, showing the quilting pattern. 
There's been a lot of the fuss about the Cornhuskers coming to town for tomorrow's big game.  In fact, the hotels are all booked, so some Madisonians are renting out their homes for the weekend.

Tomorrow my alma mater will face off against my former employer.  Just out of college, I took a job at the U of N in Lincoln, NE.  Lived there for about 18 months.

Lincoln and Madison are quite similar.  They're about the same size, both are state capitols (though ours is much prettier and doesn't have a naughty nickname) and both are home to THE state University.  What really confounded me on football day was that they also wore red and white, and said "Go Big Red!"  Kinda felt like I was in an alternate dimension.

But UW alums know there can only be ONE Big Red.  
Guess we'll have to teach them how to Bucky!   :)

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