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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wednesday Weigh In - Pedometers

 I can't say enough good things about a regular walking program.  I'm reaching higher and higher step counts.  The walking (almost every day) and weight training (2-3 times a week) has reaped some benefits already.  Today I climbed a flight of stairs and found my legs weren't tired when I got to the top.  Its also good for my attitude.  If I'm at the grocery store and forgot an item 9 rows back  - I'd normally be annoyed.  But with a pedometer on, I can see how the extra steps contribute to my goal. 

Its important to have a good pedometer.  Mine is an Accusplit Eagle.  This is the best pedometer I've found to date.  It even works right when I clip it to a soft waist band, such as sweat pants.

My strategy is to break my walks into manageable amounts throughout the day. I get to work and when feasible, take a walk of 0.8 miles mid morning.  In the afternoon I do the same.  Then you throw in walking throughout the day.  That usually puts me at about 6000 steps.  So, I come home and walk the dog 2000 steps.  And bingo!  8000 steps on the pedometer.  Victory is Sweet!

1 comment:

quilts said...

you go girl. I love my pedometer. Love to walkin morning and night; kkep up the good work!