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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Janome Horizon - Part 3

My new bloggy friend, Pat ( asked how I like my Janome Horizon. I've had it two months.  Here she is in her shining glory.

Given my limited time (8 wks) with the machine, and my atypical sewing methods


1.  The Accufeed system is fantastic for straight line stitching.  I could even see using it on a jeans quilt.
2.  The 1/4 inch foot makes piecing a breeze.  Far more accurate than marking 1/4 inch on your machine with masking tape.
3.  The quilt table is nice for small projects - say up to 50".  Less satisfactory for a queen sized quilt.
4.  Love the automatic plate converter. 
5.  Can use the start and stop buttons easily when piecing a quilt or doing straight line quilting.
6.  Used clear monofilament thread in the top thread and had no problems with it.  Did not use it in the bobbin cuz  I read that it winds too tightly in the bobbin and tends to snarl. 

1.  The Accufeed system (disengaged) gets in the way when doing FMQ.  Had to alter my hand positions on the quilt to prevent it from coming down on my finger when lowering the presser foot. 
2.  The Accufeed system (disengaged) tends to snag things...such as quilting gloves and basting pins.  It should really be higher up when not in use.
3.  When threading the machine, Step 4 can be a stinker.  If you don't have the uptake lever all the way up, it won't feed properly.  You'll hear a nasty clunking sound and get a huge rat's nest on the underside of the quilt. I took the machine in, thinking it was defective.....only to learn it was operator error.  LOL
4.  Using the start/stop button while doing FMQ is tricky.  I've learned to keep all four fingers on the quilt, and only lift my thumb to hit the button.  My starts and stops aren't as neat and clean as I had hoped.  Until my right leg decides to cooperate, I'll just have to practice, practice, practice.
5.  I expected to be able to use the automatic thread cutter and NOT to have to pull the bottom thread up to the top before stitching again.  Was just told that feature doesn't work for quilting, only for sewing. 
6.  The dealer said they'd be offering free classes, but now they say they won't do so until fall.


1.  A quilt instructor said that she has never seen a machine so accurate that you could use one thread color on top and another color on the back without the bottom color showing on the front.  I found this to be true when I used the monofilament thread on top and an off white bobbin thread.  There may be a way to adjust for it. 
2.  I haven't had to adjust the tension at all.  Even the presser foot tension seemed fine for FMQ.  I had been advised to reduce it from the standard setting (7) to 2 or 3.  Really haven't needed it.
3.  I'm eager to try some applique and embroidery on this machine.  Will do that when I make the label.
4.  I have no trouble threading the needle by hand.  In fact, the only problem I have is that the automatic needle threader is kind of in the way. 

BOTTOM LINE: I think I'm going to have fun learning all these feature for years to come. :)


501 Quilt Blocks said...

Chris, thank you so much for responding to my questions. My blog today is about purchasing the Janome Memory Craft 6600. There were a lot of similarities between this and the Horizon. What really put me off on the Horizon was the price. I just couldn't justify spending that much.

Chris said...

The dealer gave my friend and I a break since we both bought one. That helped a lot!