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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

STILL Stippling...

...but I'm in the home stretch!  I love the texture the stippling creates - just how I envisioned it.  Soon I can stitch the borders. Also want to make a nice label (something I tend to forget).  Anybody know where I can get the special fabric to run through my laser printer? 

I didn't complete the quilt in time for the 2010 Love, Lauren (online) event, (,_Lauren_org3.html) , but that's OK.  I'll have it ready for the 2011 get together.  By doing it next year, bidders can actually see and feel the quilt, and fluff the pillows. That should foster some friendly competition, and raise more funds for JBRF.  :)

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Grey Cat said...

You don't need to buy special fabric to run through your printer. Just get yourself some freezer paper (I use Reynold's brand, off the roll), cut an 8.5" X 11" piece and iron that (waxy side down) to the fabric that you'd like to use for your label. Trim the fabric to match the size of the paper, and run that through your printer. You can heat set the ink with your iron, and call it a day.