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Monday, July 19, 2010

New Tricks

Who says an old dog can't learn something new?  I think I've finally mastered stippling.  I can't stitch it freehand, but I can draw it freehand with disappearing ink, then stitch.  If my stitching is hair off, no one will be the wiser with the lines disappear!
I picked up a "Blue Water-Soluble Marking Pencil."  They lie.  I tested it on muslin.  The blue marks didn't fade after an hour of soaking.  Soaked it overnight.  No dice.  Scrubbed it by hand.  Those blue marks never did come out.  So I filed it! :)


Joanne said...

Great tips!

501 Quilt Blocks said...

I haven't ever marked a quilt. I've just started machine quilting and have only done stitch-in-the-ditch but I would like to try something more intricate. Thanks for the info about marking. Also, you left a comment on another blog and you stated that you have a Janome Horizon. I'm looking for a new machine. Can you tell me the pros and cons of yours?