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Monday, July 5, 2010

Voice Activated Quilting?

Dear Janome,

I don't have full use of my right leg at this time.  I've retrained myself to do many things with the left side of my body, but don't have sufficient coordination to manage a pedal with my left foot.  The Start/Stop button on my Horizon is a BIG help.  I can piece quilts easily without a foot pedal or knee lifter.  But free motion quilting requires two hands on the fabric at all times.  So how do I start and stop the machine?

Then it occured to me - we have voice-activated word processors, phones, and even cars!  We have the tehnology!  So why not make a voice activated Start/Stop function on a sewing machine?!

It sometimes feels there are so many things I CAN'T do.  So I am actively seeking things I CAN continue to do with modification or adaptive equipment.  Please help make this a reality not just for me, but for those folks who are wheelchair bound, and wish to continue to do meaningful work, despite their physical challenges.  

I hope you will take this earnest request to heart.  Thanks for listening!

Quilter Chris

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MarthaVA said...

That is a wonderful idea. I hope someone can help you with it! You have much courage to carry on, even tho the things you want to do, aren't easy. I know how fulfilling crafting can be.
Good luck! Keep us informed on what you hear back.