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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sun and Wind and EQ6

Earth Day is coming up - that's what prompted me to make this quilt in 2008.  I entered it in a recycled art show/contest.  It didn't win, but technically, the quilt isn't done yet - so it may get entered in the future.  The background represents black solar panels.  The triangular blocks represent modern day wind mills.  The circular pattern and coloration represents the sun itself.   The quilt is made from recycled clothing and linens - with a few fabric scraps thrown in.  The batting is an old fleece blanket.   It was a challenge to find enough fabric that looked like flames. 

I stitched in the ditch so the quilt would be done in time for the contest...but still hope to quilt it in a flaming pattern with variegated thread (yellow, orange, red) against the black background.  That won't happen until I get a new sewing machine and improve my FMQ skills.  Maybe by Earth Day 2011.

In the meantime I tried to recreate this quilt in EQ6, then play with different quilting patterns.  EQ6 doesn't have a triangular block layout.  But maybe I can use two blocks to make a rectangle?  Hmmm...maybe I should try the tutorials.  When all else fails read the directions!  :)

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