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Monday, April 12, 2010

Scraps by Judy Martin

This book is so engrossing, it's almost dangerous. 

Saturday my Sweetie and I took a jaunt to Iowa.  Should have been a 3 hour trip.  I knew there was a confusing interchange right after Dubuque.  But I was looking at my new book, assuming that my Sweetie would comment when the interchange came up, or if he had a question about it.  

So on we drove, blissfully unaware that we had passed through the interchange incorrectly, and were now moving further and further off course.  In retrospect there were many clues, such as the town of Zwingle, IA. Surely I would have remembered that unusual name!

We eventually realized our error, corrected our course and got to where we were going.  It took about 5 hours total.  That's the last time I'll read a Judy Martin book when I should be navigating. :)

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Joanne said...

Judy Martin's books are my favorites!♥