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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Seam Allowances

Judy Martin writes, "If your seam allowance is a mere 1/32" too deep, each square will be 1/16" too small.  With 8 such squares, your strip of squares will be 1/2" too small.  A full sized quilt could be as much as 6" too small." 

My last project was to be 45 x 51".  Mine is about 1/4" bigger in both directions.  So my scant quarter inch seams are a hair too scant.  My next project (above) will require greater precision. Those 45 degree angles are a challenge. I won't be able to use the two rose bud squares in this photo, cuz there isn't enough fabric to make proper seams in the upper left corner. 

I read somewhere about dressmakers who would make a new pattern in muslin first, to get familiar with the pattern and procedures.  Only then would they cut the expensive dress fabric.  I may try that trick with this rosebud pattern.  Too bad I used my favorite red fabric on the practice squares.  Won't do that again!  :) 

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Stephanie said...

Chris, I have done that before, especially when it's a pattern I have never done before. It helps to do up a mock first and see how it works before even cutting. Sometime I make my peices bigger and then size them all down to be extact. That works well for me. Steph