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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sharing the Feast

There's a female cardinal in our area with white markings on her head.  This summer I watched her mature from a begging baby bird to an adult - eagerly waiting to see if she would turn red or gold.  The white markings persisted even after she got her adult plumage.  Haven't seen her since the days got shorter though.

Today I saw chickadees, nuthatches, purple finches and a Cooper's hawk.  But no cardinals.  When I finally spot Mrs. Cardinal again, I'll post a picture.  Meanwhile, the squirrels are feasting!

Did some quilting on TG, Friday and today.  I'm binding a UFO, and found a great small project that I can use as Christmas gifts - called Oragami Bags.  Will post pics of both soon.  Then I can finally get rolling on my cardinal quilt.

Remember the Not-To-Do List?  Yard work is history.  New dishwasher arrived today.  Delegated  laundry duties at home, and the Christmas party at work.  DANG, I'm good!

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