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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Noah's Ark Quilt Finished

Noah and the critters have set sail!  I'm happy with how the scalloped blue border adds to the feeling of being on the water.  I hope you can see the wavy quilting.

Unlike Noah, the Good Lord didn't clue me in on how many cubits to make the waves or scallops, so I winged it.  In retrospect, the size of the waves is out of scale with the size of the ark.  Sure hope Noah remembered to bring some Dramamine!

Below is a close up of the fabrics.  The depictions of the animals are really cute.  Mrs. Pig is wearing a straw hat with a flower, and I love the cats.  To my friend who suggested an angel theme for this quilt, you'll see there's even an angel in the sky.  Very sweet.

To anyone attempting to do scallops for the first time, I recommend using spray starch (which I did not do).  My marking template for the waves was a coffee cup and the template for the scalloped border was a sauce dish.  I love it when every day items can multi-task!

Well, I have a UFO to complete, then back to uber-quilting Christmas gifts.  I went gonzo at a 60% off sale at the fabric shop, so you'll be seeing more projects soon.

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