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Sunday, November 15, 2009

First Ever Jeans Quilt

Here is my first-ever jeans quilt.  Like the puple nine patch, this is a college quilt.  I'd been thinking of making a jeans quilt for some time.  Found the flowered denim and blue checked denim and knew it had to happen.  I got this bright idea 2-3 weeks before graduation! 

One week prior to graduation I found the pink jeans and opted to make the pillow and border.  Only the quilt top was done in time for the graduation party. 

So I put color coordinated bandanas and assorted school supplies in each of the pockets, boxed the quilt top up, wrapped it up and presented it to the graduate, promising to have it complete by fall.  Here are the results. 

The back is a variegated pink fleece.  Low loft batting inside.  Pink yarn ties.  As with my other jeans quilts, user reports it's very warm!

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Anonymous said...

This is most interesting - what a cute concept!