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Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Friend of the Wife of a Friend of a Friend

Had coordinated a group effort to whip up a patriotic quilt for Fort Hood.  But in the process, received a generous offer from the friend of the wife of a friend of a friend...who has not one, but THREE patriotic quilts on hand! 
The donated quilt will change hands several times before it reaches me, and of course, once more before reaching Fort Hood.  Kinda neat to think about.
Can't wait to see the donated quilt next week! and to credit its creator..Will snap a picture or two to share before I send it on to TX.

Meanwhile, my 24 partially pieced squares will be lovingly packed away until RW&B fever compels me to piece some stars to balance all the stripes. Being a Wisconsin quilt, I woul like to find a barn print with some mik cows on it.  But this will become a project for another day.

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