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Saturday, October 30, 2010

TGIM - Thank Goodness Its Muslin

A few posts back, I shared I'd been asked to help make a Zelda costume.  Its been a long time since I did any garment construction.  So I decided to make the dress once out of muslin to ensure it fits correctly and to refresh my skills. 

Notice this dress has two lengths.  That wasn't supposed to happen! Thank goodness my cutting error was not on the beautiful Ivory Peach satin fabric we bought for this dress.  It should be a clue when you use far less fabric than the pattern calls for. 

The dress will have a zipper in the back, and I discovered I have an extra one in the right size.  May have to put the extra zipper in the mock up dress to refresh my zipper installation skills too. 

Still, its been fun to do something a little different.  Still have oodles of quilting projects I'd like to get at.  Maybe tomorrow! :)

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