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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Backyard Quilt Shop

Made a great discovery on the way to the State Marching Band Competition.  Saw this sign and knew we had to investigate.  Owner Kathy Knaak was very friendly, and enjoying a brisk business on a Saturday morning.  Backyard Quilt Shop's claim to fame is the amazing selection of flannels.  This striking star quilt is made in flannel.

 I've seen this owl fabric in cotton; didn't know it comes in flannel too.

More flannels.  I sewed a few flannel nighties, but never considered it for quilt making.  Probably because most flannels I've seen were baby prints.  With winter coming, it seems fitting to give flannel a try.
There was a wide array of 1930s reproductions - a favorite of mine.
If you want to make a quilt for a baby or young child, this is the place to go!  Here are  Dick & Jane fabrics on various backgrounds, including a black one.  I love the Amish-style colors in this quilt.

Who could resist cuddling up with a fuzzy teddy bear on a cozy flannel background?
Here is Kathy's 14-foot long arm machine.  Don't think I've ever seen one this big!
Backyard Quilts also has notions and gift items.  The flannels and vintage theme gives this shop a character all its own.  To find out more, visit:


Bluzbrod said...

Flannel is soooo cozy! I don't make many all-flannel quilts since we live in the South. But I do put flannel backs on most of the lap quilts I make. If it's cool enough to pull up the lap quilt, it feels good when it's flannel.

Joanne said...

I love seeing pictures of quilt stores! Thanks!