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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Olbrich Garden Fall Quilt Show 2010

Went to Olbrich Gardens in Madison, WI. Olbrich holds the "Quilts in Bloom" show every year.  It runs through October 17.  Not only are the quilts extraordinary, but the setting, back drops and accents are fantastic.  This is the first quilt you see as you enter the show.

Next come the challenge quilts.  Here's the fabric all 26 entrants were to use.
The variety of interpretations is fascinating!
Do you recognize Flora in the picture above?  The cow quilt was done by Karen Silvers of . It was fun to stand back watch other people's reactions.  Quite few of them were interested in Karen's quilt, Flora Checks In.

Then comes the rest of the show.  This French Braid suggest a mountain scene.  I think it was called French Alps.
 I've never been too interested in Chinese Coins.  But these accents really jazz it up!
 I love the Christmas-y colors.  Very traditional.  Doing it on point adds flair.
Would never have thought to make nine patches with these bold floral fabrics.  This quilt would brighten up any room!

 I especially like the denim blue background to these Mary Jane squares.
The picture below came out blurry.  I included it anyway because it was sooo pretty.  Such detail!

This quilt is called Wild Sumac.  You can see how people reacted to it.  The checker board quilt below it was interesting because the flowers spilled over the border into the next square.
This quilt was made by Nancy Zieman.  She calls it A Party At The Fence Post, and its not for sale.  I wonder what Nancy does with all of her projects?
After looking at all these quilts, I found it hard to select a favorite challenge quilt.  So I toured the outdoor gardens while I mulled it over.  I'll show you the gardens in the next post. :)


Ivory Spring said...

Hello Chris,
Thank you for visiting me and leaving the kind comment.

What a great quilt show. I enjoyed all the quilts, especially that last one.

Karen S said...

Hey Chris! Thanks for the shout out! I had a lot of fun making Flora -- it's nice to know that people were interested. I really liked the one just underneath Flora.