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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wedesday Weigh In - Hula Hooping

First Lady Michelle Obama demonstrates hooping for fitness.

My first experience with hula hooping (as an adult) was to watch a friend's daughter on youtube at:   Kristi twirled that flaming hoop with grace and style.  It looked soooo fun (except for the flames)! 

So I bought a hula hoop at Walmart.  Couldn't make that thing go for love or money!  Learned you have to have the correct size for your height.  If the hula hoop is on its side at your feet it should be above your waist, and lower than your chest. 

Kristi was enthused about my efforts, and made a hula hoop in the correct dimensions for me.  I had a blast getting it to go, and keep going.  Was up to over a hundred revolutions at a time. The next step was to make it twirl in the opposite direction.  Let me tell you, THAT took some doing! 

But persistence paid off and I did learn to do it.  About that time, back trouble interfered with many activities.  Hooping was no exception.  Still, I have my very own hoop prominently displayed in my sewing room to remind me that I want to get back to doing ALL of the things I love.  :)

For more info on hooping see:,0,2056618.story


West Michigan Quilter said...

I never could learn how to do that hula hoop. Think I'm too old now. Then again, maybe I should try it. Looks like a great way to get that weight off.

Stephanie said...

I remember doing this as a young girl. It was fun. Steph