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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pillow #1

I always wash my quilts before giving them to someone else.  If I wash it once myself, I can confidently say  its been washed, dried, and will not run.  So, I loaded my rose bud quilt and pillow covers into the washer.  Tossed in two color catchers, and set it to a 4 minute gentle cycle.  My intention was wash, dry and to post a picture of all three pieces so you could see the quilted texture.  I hope you can see it.  (I haven't yet found a sure-fire way to photograph the texture.)

When I retrieved the goods from the washer - some of the cream colored background pieces had a lilac cast to them.  (That's when I realized that I hadn't prewashed the backing.)  I hung it all up to dry while I mulled over my next step.

Took another stab at it today.  Washed the pillow covers only.  Got all the purple dye out of Pillow #1 - pictured here.  Pillow #2 will be washed again.  There's one area that still looks purplish.  The bigger challenge will be the the quilt.  But Pillow #1  has boosted my confidence that all will end well.  :)

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Deanna said...

Color Catchers are a quilter's best friend. Laundry section in the grocery store.