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Friday, August 20, 2010

Fabric Shopping - Part 2

Thanks to my bloggy friends, I'm "in the know" about Internet sites that sell fabric, and I'm looking forward to perusing those sites this weekend.  I know I'll be needing to use them in the future.  Thanks to all of you for your tips and encouragement!

I'm happy to report my quest for baby quilt fabric came to a happy conclusion.  Thursday is the only weeknight that Mill House Quilts (  is open in the evening.   My sweetie pie drove me there, and we were helped by two very friendly and knowledgable staff.  Gone were the crowds of Saturday.  In fact, I was the only customer!  It was a nice relaxing atmosphere.

I was still befuddled about how to convert the amounts of fabric from jelly rolls and charm packs to good old-fashioned fabric off the bolt.  The ladies not only scurried around the store rounding up 20 or more bolts that might work.  (We had a pile of bolts that was about to avalanche!) They then helped me weed out the fabrics that didn't work. They double checked my yardage calculations.   Some of the fabrics are 1930s prints, but not all.  Some are in softer pastel shades that compliment the more colorful prints of dogs and polka dots, etc. 

After our shopping trip, Sweetie and I had a prime rib dinner in Waunakee.  We visited over a nice glass of wine and good food.  We both took a sizable slab of meat home for Friday's lunch.  NUM!

Speaking of NUM!  Aren't these fabrics delectable???


shannon said...

i'm glad you didn't give up on your LQS...

now the math-
appoximately 14 jelly roll strips (2.5" wide x WOF) is a yard (35 inches)

charm squares (5inch squares): you can get 8 charm squares from a 5 inch x WOF you can get about 35 charm squares from a yard

layer cake squares (10inch squares): there are about 12 layer cake squares per yard...

hope that helps...

Jacque. said...

The fabrics look great. I love Mill House Quilts, though I don't get there nearly often enough. Have fun with your baby quilt!