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Monday, January 18, 2010


Hi Y'all - You probably don't need me to tell you its Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

MLK wanted each and every one of us to donate time to public service.  And I must say, quilting/crafting folk are a wonderful, charitable bunch.  We make quilts for fallen soldiers, sick children, victims of natural disaster or fire, and many other worthwhile causes.  People are now selling their work on Etsy to raise funds for Haiti.  I applaud all such efforts.

Much of 2010 lays ahead of us.  If you (like me) were unable to donate a full day to public service today, please think of donating bits of time over the new year to your school, church, food bank, or other local charity.  Or make a quilt for a cause you value - they can be raffled or auctioned off. 

I was amazed this fall when one of my creations (made entirely from scraps) sold for $40.00 at an auction (  Though I DO think adding the Beanie Baby increased the value! LOL 

My other donation ( went for $35.00.   And I benefitted because I got to try a new technique (scalloped edges).  Really, making those quilts was just plain fun! 

Any how, quilters CAN and DO make a difference in this world.  And that's what its all about, isn't it? 

Happy Quilting :)


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