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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mill House Quilts

A BIG "Thank You" to Karen at You made my day!

Karen let me know that the book I've been looking for was at Mill House Quilts, in Waunakee, WI.  Turns out, Laura Halpin, author of Quilting with Laura: Patterns Inspired by the "Little House on the Prairie" Series,  teaches classes there.  So I headed straight to "The Only Waunakee in the World." 

Mill House Quilts has a wealth of books, patterns, fabrics, supplies and some one-of-a-kind notions.   They offer a wide variety of classes - which are held on the second story.  They had a LOT of kits - which are nice for someone like me who isn't always certain which fabrics will work well together.  I snapped some pics of the beautiful fabrics and quilts.   

This is Cheaper by the Dozen.  I liked the quilted hearts:

This is called Splashed:

Cleaning Out the Sewing Room - This would be a great stash-buster:
Here are some of the fabrics.  I hope my pics will do justice to these beautiful prints:

And here's what I bought.  Can't wait to read my new book:

I'll definitely be visiting Mill House Quilts again soon!


Jacque. said...

I LOVE Mill House Quilts! I live about 45 minutes or so away, though, so don't go often. LOVE them!

Jen said...

I love Mill House too!! I also have the Linda Halpin book. That quilt is one of my UFO's. I just keep putting it off. =(

SueWis said...

I LOVE Mill House Quilts. I don't make it over there as often as I would like to, though.