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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Heart Scrolls

In the spirit of the Valentine Sewing Party, here's what I've been up to today.  I'm a confident seamstress, but Free Motion Quilting scares the heck out of me - feel like I'm driving 100 mph in a 15 mph zone. 

Learned FMQ last spring, but I'm not a professional quilter, so I don't do it every day.  It takes a whole lot of practice, practice, practice before I can get up the nerve to risk ruining my lovingly pieced quilt.  Does anyone else feel this way?   I'm also wondering how many quilters actually quilt their own stuff and how many send it out to be quilted by someone else?  I do all my own stuff, but feel like this project is taking forever!

I DID make TWO quilt sandwiches today though.  Putsy work, but oh so necessary.  At least when I get this one done, the other will be ready for quilting.  :)


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I have never sent my quilts out for anybody to quilt. I am certainly not a very good machine quilter, but I am trying. Yours looks really great :-) Everyone just keeps saying practice, practice, practice :-)

Cathy said...

I have often wondered the same thing. I am horribly afraid that I will mess up the top with my begining quilting! I like your hearts & loops for the white space around the candies.

I am practicing quilting on a scrappy quilt that I made from a bunch of swap blocks. I figure that there is so much going on with the fabric choices that no one will really notice my quilting!

SewCalGal said...

I love what you created. Beautiful fabrics, color, design...and soon quilting.
I too have learned machine quilting by pre-marking layers of tissue paper with my needle and placing it on my quilt. There are many other techniques too. While I do not want to imply I'm an expert I want to encourage you to continue doing what you are doing...great way to learn and build on your skill.