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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Horrible Hot Pads

You know what happens when you give someone beautiful hot pads? 

They don't use them.  I myself am guilty of this heinous crime. So I've decided to recycle old class projects (and experiments gone bad) into what I call "Horrible Hot Pads."  They are homely enough to actually use.  Who cares if you spill tomato sauce on them?  They were horrible to start with. 

The stitching here is awful, but I liked the fabric so I sewed two quilt sandwiches together and added a binding.  I always wanted a hot pad big enough for my pizza pan - now I have one!  

I had this brainstorm back in 2009, so it won't count toward my 2010 recycling score card.  Still looking for other quilters to join me in finding ways to use recycled and scrap fabric.  See and for more information and ideas.

Happy Quilting!



Helle said...

Great potholder ;-) Actually not so ugly in these pretty colors.
Yes youre right..pretty potholders is not for use..Just gave 2 set to my friends, and the say the are to pretty for use and they will just have them hang on for a pretty view in the kitchen LOOOOL ;-)

Christine Hartelt said...

I think you are onto to something. I hate to use beautiful, handmade hot pads for messy foods like spaghetti sauce. I love the name "Horrible Hot Pads." Nice alliteration. :-)