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Friday, January 22, 2010


Here's my pingpong-birthday-quilting table. I honestly don't know why I never thought of it before.   This arrangement is 2-3 inches higher than the previous set up!  Saving wear and tear on the old back.

Been reflecting on the various kinds of love.  Valentine's Day emphasizes romatic love, but that isn't always in the cards.  When romance was no where to be found, I've tried to focus on the OTHER kinds of for my children, love for my family and friends, love for my mother, aunt and grandmother.  Even love for those have gone before us to the next life.  The love of a pet can make difference in our day-to-day lives.  And this week I've been practicing tough love for an errant youth. 

So even if you are not part of  a "couple" at this Valentine's Day, I hope you can see the other meaningful forms of love at work in your life, and cherish and nurture those relationship.

Now, on another topic completely.  I must share DS2's Omnipotent Ping Pong Paddle of Doom.! 

Pretty silly, huh?


West Michigan Quilter said...

Tried to return your message but it was a no-reply. I just wanted to thank you for leaving that information about the Charger. That is so interesting. I appreciate your telling me this as I always wondered where and why this term came into being. Now it all makes sense to me. Thanks for sharing.

Rich said...

The paddle did NOT help me to win my match...

Christine Hartelt said...

I love the paddle! I'm sorry it didn't help win, but perhaps not every ping pong player has a good sense of humor!