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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Days and Rolling Pins

If it weren't for an occasional snow day, I wouldn't get much Christmas baking done.  But Mother Nature has done her part - dumping 16" of snow on us, with a couple more inches coming.  Blizzard conditions til midnight.  BRRRR!

Got up and made sugar cookies before the dough-stealing, cookie-thieving kids got up.  Good thing they still can't figure out where I hide the cookies!

Rolled cookies can be tricky as inconsistent thickness leads to varying baking times and inconsistent results.  I use the yellow 1/8 inch rolling pin bands for my sugar cookies.  They bake exactly 8 minutes, and they all turn out the same. 

Last year, a neighbor asked to borrow my rolling pin and was shocked to learn it should not go in the dishwasher.  I've attached a site with info on how to care for wooden rolling pins.

They say you can wash it in the dish sink...but I was taught to NEVER submerse it in water.  I prefer fresh hot soapy water and a well-wrung wash cloth.  My rolling pin has been rolling along that way for about 30 years.


free indeed said...

I never saw rings like that before for even rolling. I'm a seasoned baker so probably wouldn't use them, but they are pretty neat and maybe would be great for newbies (bridal shower gift idea with rolling pin, wooden spoon and mixing bowl?) Where'd you buy them can I ask?

Chris said...

No idea - I think they were a gift. But I'd expect to find them at a cake decorating shop. I googled "Rolling Pin Rings" and found they're available from Williams-Sonoma, among others.
Happy Baking! -Chris

Kathy said...

I have the same exact roller guides as you. I'v had them about 20 years!!! I want to get some for my mom so I hope I can find them before Christmas.