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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Crafts, Quilts, Cookies and Trees

3-Day Weekend Report:

Crafts - Made this for a quilter friend.  Spools on the fabric, spools on the ornament.  Note the common thread.

Quilting - Want to emulate a pine tree in my yard - home to many critters.  Those red things in the air are cardinals (they just look like vultures in this picture).  They're decorating the tree (you just can't see that part yet).  Need some input:  Bunny?  Squirrel?  Neither?  Both?

Should Mr. Squirrel stay sit on the ground or in the tree?  Gosh, that bunny/squirrel fabric sure looks a lot like a brown paper sack...So what color IS a rabbit or a squirrel anyway?   Decisions, decisions....

Baked - 30 dozen cookies.  Used obscene amounts of butter.  Made the dough for chocolate dipped creams.  Dough is chillin'.  Hope to share that recipe later in the week.

Wrapping - Minimal progress, but I got out my secret weapon: gift bags! 

Decorating - Drove to another city, put up my mom's tree, ate lunch, drove back.  Thank goodness for caffeinated beverages. 

Relaxing: Watched a movie with my sweetie, watched my bird feeder while baking.  STILL trying to spot the female cardinal with white markings.  She looks like a Cardinal Cruella DeVille.

Next Up: Jury duty Monday AM.  I'm SOOO hoping they won't want/need/like me.

Have a great week,


1 comment:

SueWis said...

Your cardinals don't look like vultures! And I think the bunny and squirrel should stay on the ground.

Good luck with the (hopefully) non-jury duty, I know exactly how you feel.