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Friday, May 31, 2013

In Loving Memory of Clara

This is my Grandmother in 1928, at age 19.  She passed this week at the age of 103.
Grandpa said it was love at first sight.  He saw her at a party in a blue dress and thought "I'm going to marry that girl."  And he did!
Here they are with their children, my dad and aunt.  Because my photo albums are packed to move, there is a bit of a gap here.  I'm missing pictures of my dad as an adult, and my own childhood - in which Grandma taught me to garden, bake, knit, embroider and sew.  These passions have shaped my life - and I've tried to pass them on to future generations.
This is Grandma in her 70s at my cousin's farm.  She loved animals of all kinds.
Here she is in her late 70s.  My first child had 6 months of severe colic, and Grandma stayed with me for a month, so I could get some rest.  She doted on him the entire time!  She loved babies - even a colicky one.
Here she is at 80, with my younger son.  I don't know who's cuter!
And here she is at 101.  Socializing and enjoying her birthday cards.
Today there were a lot of people at her funeral.  She had 7 brothers, all of whom had families, so there were 29 cousins in my dad's generation.  Most of them had kids, and a good number of them came to say goodbye to their Aunt Clara.  It was truly amazing how many lives she touched in her 103 years on this earth.  Many called her their favorite aunt and told wonderful stories of things they did with my Grandma and Grandpa in their youth.  She brought tremendous joy to so many. 
"Go in peace, faithful friend of God, as you take our love to paradise.  God's holy angels will lead you home to the wide waiting arms of the Lord."


Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful tribute to an awesome lady! Blessings, hugs and comfort to you all.....Doreen

Eleanor Davidsaver said...

Oh, Chris: Loved it all!