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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sister's Choice in Pink and Green

I'm thinking about making a quilt that would look something like this - except  the border fabric would have some white and green in it.  A nice, soft floral maybe.
Here are some of the blocks I have in mind.  Funny how you can fall out of love with a project.  I was "in the zone" with this before I started getting ready to sell my house.  It sat, unattended all this while.  
Though I had fun designing, I'm not all that eager to sew these odd shaped 14" blocks.  The GOAL was to use them up in a table runner, but they're so big that they didn't look right.  I only have to make 8 total.  You wouldn't think it'd be that hard. 
Now that I have an accepted offer, and won't be closing until late June - I can resume a little normalcy (i.e. no more repairmen, would-be buyers, realtors, assessors, actual buyers, etc. coming through my home on a moment's notice). 
Now I can pack in earnest and (hopefully) sneak in a little sewing here and there.  :)

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