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Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Progress

I read this morning that chocolate cake at breakfast can help you lose weight.  For real, this is a valid study (and yes, there is a catch).  I'll share it later this week for Wednesday Wellness.  Needless to say no one at work believed me - so I decided to make GF Valentine chocolate cupcakes and will put a printed copy of the story alongside the treats.  We'll see how long they last!
I dug through my pink scraps one more time and found some that are nearly identical to what I used for the heart.  That allowed me to extend my checkered border all the way around - which looks much better than the solid red I was considering.  Was beginning to panic as time got away from me, but fusible web came to the rescue.  I had used it for a class, and though it doesn't give a nice loft, I don't really need loft for this project.  What a fantastic time saver!  I can begin quilting as soon as I get home from work tomorrow.
The heart is not yet applied.  Here is what the back looks like.  It should serve nicely as a Valentine in-basket.  My Sweetie and I aren't celebrating until Wednesday, so I'll still have tomorrow night to quilt, bind, and apply the heart and handle.  Then I have to tuck a Valentine and some "stocking stuffers" in the pocket. 

I REALLY wish I'd get these bright ideas a week or two ahead of time, but inspiration doesn't seem to come according to schedule! 

Have a Happy Valentine's Day :)

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