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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Prove You're Not a Robot

So what's up with this hard core word verification that makes me to prove I'm not a robot over and over again, just to comment on my quilty friends' accomplishments?  Is  this really necessary? 

I know I'm being naive - but could a robot really produce the beautiful quilts and things we display on our blogs?  Isn't that proof enough?

I've been living dangerously for some time now without word verification, and haven't had trouble with spam (hopefully I didn't just jinx myself by saying that)! 

I review comments before they're posted, so I have the opportunity to weed out anything questionable.  The software does a great job of relegating inappropriate comments to the spam folder - where they are quickly and easily nixed. 

I hope others will give it (no word verification) a whirl.  Maybe if enough bloggers boycott the current system, somebody somewhere will get the message - this is oVerkIll.  Perhaps then it will be modified to something a little more reasonable?

Let's hope!!! :)


Doreen said...

I couldn't agree more! And now 2 words....really!!! If it isn't that, some blog sites have it set so unless you have an account with an 'approved' site you canNOT comment ("Anonymous" and "Name/URL" is not an option!). I do use the "Contact Me" feature sometimes and place my comment in their e-mail box but it does make me wonder about the system that's in place. Right now, "Blogger" does NOT play with "Wordpress", so, unless you have an account with another provider, I cannot log in to comment using just my "Wordpress" account. One would suspect 'politics' of some kind. Just sayin'......

Just Ramblin' said...

I just eliminated word verification from my blog. It drives me up the wall! I have a hard time leaving comments any more because I can't decipher the letters. You would think somebody might catch on that this is a problem??? I hope others will also follow and eliminate it. Nola