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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"Souper Bowl" Score!

While fat quarters were 10 for $20.00, at the Stitcher's Crossing, I snatched up 10 - plus a Chicken Salad Pack.  I'd hoped to buy a couple yards of the Chicken Salad fabric in the upper left corner.  I'd seen it before and LOVE the colors.  I neglected to buy it right then and there.  When I returned, this lonely fat quarter was all that remained!

Fortunately, I can see from the selvage that it's a Hoffman 2012 print, so I will find more online.  My chicken hot pads were such a hit at the craft fair last year, I'll need to whip up some more for next year.  The Home to Roost fabric at the bottom is pretty cute too. 

All in all, I'm happy with my haul.  I have something specific in mind for each of the fat quarters - but my ideas are too many to list.  What actually comes to fruition remains to be seen!  I scheduled a vacation day for the near future to work on home-related projects (I confess, I still have some Christmas stuff in the living room).  Once some chores are out of the way, I can justify MORE sewing.  Won't that be nice!  :)

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