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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Scrappy Valentine Basket Finish

Whew!  I finished the Valentine basket quilt just in time for our celebration on Wednesday.  Here it is empty.
 And here it is chock full of Valentine goodies.

Ya know what's funny?  When I took my pieced heart to work and showed it to other women they knew immediately what it was supposed to be.  When I showed it to men they scratched their heads and drew a blank.  Once I explained it was a Valentine mailbox - like we used to make out of construction paper as children, they got the idea.  My Sweetie was no exception.  Never-the-less, I think he really liked it. (I KNOW he liked the treats!)

Talking about Valentine's day in grade school prompted him to tell me about making a Valentine mailbox and working really hard on it.  He was so proud of it.  Then everyone put theirs up on the wall.  When he saw the fancier ones he was really upset and embarassed by his own.  He worried he wouldn't get ANY Valentines, poor kid.  But happily, he got just as many Valentines as always - so all was well.  My gosh, the trials and tribulations of growing up!!!  :)

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