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Friday, November 4, 2011

What Next?

My church's 39th Annual Holiday Craft Show is 8 days away, and I am NOT ready.  This is my first foray into selling my quilts/crafts and I'm simultaneously worried I'll sell out in the first hour or that nothing will sell at all.  Yikes! 

Tonight I whipped up two patriotic tables toppers (tops only).  They are about 20" square.  I have some red calico I can use for the backs - but I feel like the quilt tops might need a little something more.  Better sleep on it.  A complex border would detract from the geometric design created by the spinning flags.  I've always been fond of this layout - but never got around to trying it.

I'm attending a Crafters' Breakfast tomorrow morning - and some of these ladies have participated in the Holiday Craft Fair for many of the previous 38 years.  If these gals  don't know what will sell, and how to price it, no one will.  I hope to learn lots!  :)

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