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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hen House Hot Pads

One week ago I whipped up 15 hot pads, showing three varieties of roosters and two types of hens.  Being a birder, I consulted a chicken-raising friend about the birds - wondering if they were accurate renditions of real birds, or simply the product of an artist's whim.  My friend recognized two varieties - but wasn't sure about the others.

While selling my wares at a craft fair, I discovered quite a few people who had wonderful memories of having chickens in their childhood.  The rock hens were familiar to a lot of people.  One man picked out a hot pad with a rooster that he said looked just like his childhood pet. He related how that rooster would crow bright and early every morning!  Happy as a kid in a candy store, he planned to send the hot pad to his sister for Christmas.

Following the craft fair, I took some hot pads to work to show some friends.  Heck, if I didn't sell 6 more.  Again, I learned of people who had had chickens in the past.  One man noted a subtle difference in the posture of two roosters.  He selected the bird that stood more erect - noting he looked "proud."  This difference was lost on me until he pointed it out.  Now there's a man who knows his birds!

The four pictured here are all I have left.  I hope to find a home for them all.  Who knows what other interesting tales I might discover in the process!  :)

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