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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Quodlibet Returns

The Quodlibet Quilt has come out of storage to be quilted in time for Christmas.  The  recipient doesn't know he's getting a quilt - so that makes it all the more fun.  Since pin basting is a bit hard on the fingers and the back, I took a break and made this matching pillow case.
Phew!  French seams are  cool, but it took me a few tries to get them just right.  The red zebra print is used in the quilt's inner border; it will also be used for the binding.   When the next round of pin basting gets tiresome, I'll take a break make the binding. 

I also have a "no sew throw" to make for Christmas, but I'm going to add school letters, so it won't be entirely "no sew" - more like "low sew."  Once I applique the letters, I can take the throw with me to crafters' meetings or work on it over my lunch hour, if I find Dec. 25th is creeping up too quickly.  :)

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