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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mitchell Park Domes

Spent some time in Milwaukee, visiting the Mitchell Park Domes.  The Domes are a conservatory to exhibit plants from all over the world.  One dome is a tropical environment, one has desert plants and the third is the Show Dome - which varies throughout the year. 

I snapped pictures of some of the plants that intrigued me.  I've been known to design quilts based on the colors of flowering plants. 

Here red, white and  yellow peppers are growing amongst the pointsettias.

I love the lilac buds on this pink flower.

I have some pink pointsettia fabric.  Seeing the real ones has inspired me to get that project underway.
Though I've never seen the Domes at night, they do have light shows.  In fact, they were promoting an evening of fun, magic and lights on New Year's Eve. 

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Stephanie said...

Chris, beautiful pictures, looks like fun. Happy New Year! Stephanie