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Sunday, December 12, 2010

GF Cookie Production

Not even 4 hours of shoveling could dampen my enthusiasm for baking Christmas cookies.  (Did'ya notice a few are missing?)  Despite a lot of wind and snow, the storm moved through and was followed by bright blue skies and dry conditions.  In our household, that can only mean one thing:  Its time to make the pink cookies (aka Raspberry Meringue Kisses)! 

Meringues turn out best when made on a sunny day.  For the recipe see:

In addition, I tried a GF butter cookie recipe from Land O Lakes.  Seriously - these  could easily replace my regular recipe.   The search for the perfect GF sugar cookie is over.  Thank you, Land O Lakes!  See:

These cookies are a little putzy, but worth the extra effort.  You make the batter, and then divide it into thirds, which you shape into thick sheets, to be wrapped in plastic film.  Chill these bundles.  Later, you roll them out, only taking one out of the frig at a time.    Unlike other recipes and mixes I've tried, this product handled and baked up just as the recipe indicated.  AND it tastes good too!

Land O Lakes also has a spritz cookie recipe I want to try, and more importantly, both a sandwich bread and multi-grain bread.  Still trying to find the "perfect" loaf.  :)

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